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Italian flavor deviled eggs with pancetta and balsamic creme

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Every day I walk into the chicken coop and every day my chickens dutifully laid their eggs. I reward them well for this (delicious fresh stuff , and enough food to eat, water and a clean chicken coop and I think we’re both happy.

And these eggs, are much better than store-bought ones because they are made ​​with so much love and they deserve to occasionally be put into the spotlight. One of my childhood food memories are deviled eggs. My mother often made ​​them for a buffet and I have never learned how much deviled eggs is the max to eat at a buffet. I know at least that I’ve eaten a lot more. These deviled eggs are pimped with balsamic creme and pancetta and the whole was decorated with thin strips of basil. A delicious stuffed egg (she writes while the last egg is put into her mouth (and I have really eaten all the eggs by myself (shame on me)), and they are also very nice for an Easter brunch .

Do you also saw the free ebook with Easter recipes ? It can be opened (and downloaded) by clicking on the picture on the right sidebar. There is both a Dutch and English version!

A day on the homestead

Although many people think that you have to discard strawberry plants after one year, or that it is a perennial and therefore you plant them once and never have to look at it, both assumptions are not true. The strawberry plant gives the best harvest in its second year . The first year he grows and prepares for the harvest in the second year. After the second year, the harvest gradually declines. The plants that you buy in garden centers are  generally one year old plants.  So don’t decline your plants at the end of the year and throw onto the compost heap. I always try a mix of one and two year old plants on the homestead. And therefor it was time to throw out some three year olds and replace them. Now you could use the runners from the old strawberry plants, but there are different opinions about the use of them: yields could go down and they are possible more susceptible to some diseases. I therefore choose to buy new plants fresh from the garden centers to plant in the garden They participate in the crop rotation schedule in picking garden ( strawberries may not be planted within three years in the same place ). Last week I bought my new plants and planted them. The first two weeks I cut all the flowers from the plants so that the plant will establish and root.And after two weeks …. let the strawberries come.

4Pure: new strawberry plants

Recipe: Italian flavor deviled eggs with pancetta and balsamic creme

Ingredients (for 12 deviled eggs):

  • 6 eggs;
  • 2 teaspoons balsamic cream;
  • 7 slices of pancetta;
  • 2 tablespoons creme fraiche;
  • basil



Boil the eggs hard and peel them. Fry the pancetta and dry between a paper towel. Cut the eggs in half and remove the yolk. Mash the yolks and mix the balsamic, 6 slices crumbled pancetta and creme fraiche together and put in a piping bag with serrated mouth (or just use a teaspoon) and fill the egg with the yolk mixture. Cut the seventh piece of bacon into strips and chop the basil leaves finely. Garnish the stuffed egg with a piece of bacon and some basil.

4Pure: Italian flavored deviled eggs with pancetta and balsamic creme



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