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Recipe homemade vanilla-extract

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Vanilla extract. You come upon it in recipes, mostly American and English recipes , but also increasingly in Dutch recipes. You can get to a supermarket and think you buy it, but it ‘s actually fake, it’s chemical vanilla aroma. If you want the real thing, then you must already be in a special baking store. And you pay a lot for a small bottle. But did you know you can make it yourself. It’s very easy! And you know exactly what is going into your extract. No chemical additives , very tasty.

A day on the homestead

Today I transplanted outside the seedlings of tomatoes and peppers to their own cup . And it was great weather today. And the seedlings  really needed their own space. It started to get dark when I finished, so I make a picture of it tomorrow. I was went to the picking garden. And there you see a combination of spring and winter. The leaves I use around the base of the roses (when it freezes harsh, the roses won’t die) are still present (imagine that frost is coming ), but the crocuses don’t care, they come to see the beautiful weather. And the roses also shoot in full leaf . Another pretty face!

4Pure: Roses and crocuses

Recipe vanilla-extract


  • bottle of vodka (750 mL);
  • 5 vanilla-beans.


Take 50 ml of vodka from the bottle. Cut the vanilla beans open and put them in the bottle. Put the bottle for 3 months in a cool, dark place. Hold the bottle once a week  upside down and put away again. After 3 months, the extract is ready.

Tips and tricks:

  • Mint extract is created by taking the vodka and put in 5 sprigs of mint;
  • Cinnamon extract is created by taking the vodka and add 3 cinnamon sticks.
4Pure: recipe vanilla-extract homemade


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