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Cranberry apple smoothie

Post by: andrea     No Comments     , ,      On  Mar 01, 2014

Completely immersed in the Carnivals noise. And that means bad eating habbits and not much sleep. So today I started the day with a lot of vitamins. And then I went to the Carnival, at the parade in Haren. What a great parade it was. Very nice to see!

And though of course all the cars were beautiful to see, two cars had stolen my heart anyway. The two carnival groups of our oldest and middle! The oldest one was almost completely self-built by the youth and the other also very beautiful and also very cute (but then again I dare not too say that to loud, because that is not very tough if your mother says that). So this time no update from the picking garden, but of our groups at  the Carnival parade!

4Pure: Carnival in Haren

Recipe: Cranberry apple smoothie


  • apple;
  • dried cranberries;
  • apple juice;
  • raspberries, currants or cherries.


  • Blender.


Soak the cranberries in the apple juice starting at the night before making the smoothie. The next morning you peel the apple and cut out the core. Cut the apple into wedges. Put in the blender. Put the soaked cranberries and raspberries, currants or cherries (what you will going to use) there. Run the machine properly, so you get a smooth drink.

Drink immediately!

4Pure: Smoothie with cranberry and apple


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