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Arugula salad with pistachios, pear and apple

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After the sweetness of the tiramisu it is also nice to have a salad for a change. But after such a delicious tiramisu , it better had to taste good. Today a salad without sugar and meat, but with a slightly sweet bite . That’s because of the added date vinegar, which brings the dressing to a slightly sweet taste anyway. And that blends perfectly with the sweet pear, sour apple, nutty pistachio, the peppery arugula and salty cheese. When you take a bite of the salad, you will get a true taste explosion in your mouth. And that’s good. Very tasty.

I ate it as a lunch salad, but it is also very delicious as a side dish or as a salad served at a barbecue .

A day  on the homestead

The recipe of today fit perfectly into the theme of the cooking evening: Italian. My time in picking garden was thus somewhat limited to picking, but that was just as well. It even hailed in this part of the country . When you looked at the weather you could have predicted the weather wouldn’t be that great. The sky lit so threateningly against the trees . And the wind was chilly and harsh. In the kitchen we weren’t that affected, it was warm and cozy. Chill.

4Pure: Hail is coming

Arugula salad recipe:


  • 200 grams of arugula salad;
  • 1/2 Granny Smith;
  • Half pear;
  • 70g pistachios;
  • 5 Cherry Tomatoes;
  • 50g mature cheese, grated (1000 days cheese is very tasty for this!)


  • 2 tablespoons Date vinegar;
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil, extra virgin;
  • 1 teaspoon mustard;
  • Salt and pepper at taste.


Wash the arugula salad well. Chop the pistachios coarsely. Peel the pear, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes. Wash the apples well and remove the core. Cut into small cubes. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Make the dressing by mixing the vinegar, olive oil and mustard. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Put the arugula in a bowl and mix the tomatoes, apple and pear in the salad. Mix the dressing through and sprinkle with pistachios and cheese.

4Pure: Arugula salad with pistachios, pear and apple



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